How to care for your wine fridge

Fridge care

Tip 1:
Store your fridge out of direct sunlight

When your wine fridge is placed in a sunny spot it makes it harder for it to regulate temperature.

Storing it in a shady part of your home is a way to save on energy.

wine fridge

Tip 2:
Clean your wine fridge regularly

It’s a good idea to give your wine fridge a wipe down at least every two months.

We recommend turning off your power before you do.

– take everything out
– grab mild detergent and warm water
– gently wipe down the surfaces

Hospitality Tip:
Soda water and Paper Towel keeps your stainless steel shiny and free from fingerprints.

Tip 3:
Don't overload

When you put too much into your beverage fridge it will likely go over the recommended capacity limit. 

Overloading makes the refrigeration elements work harder to keep your wines at the right temperature. 

It’s best to stick to the capacity guidelines. 


Tip 4:
Stick to optimum settings

Each wine style has a recommended storage temperature. 

White Wine and Champagne 

5-10 degrees

Red Wine

10-18 degrees


12-14 degrees



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