Bringing the power of commercial refrigeration to your home with our range of domestic wine fridges.

The best wine fridges have just landed in Australia

Backed by the HRC Alliance Group


VINCEL is owned by the HRC Alliance Group, a local commercial refrigeration company who supplies refrigeration services for over 20 years.

Two of the HRC Directors, Mark and Tim are behind this new venture. 

They both enjoy having a drop or two of fine wine. Building a sizable collection over many years. 

But, embarrassingly, some of their ‘good collection’ was not so good when it came time to serve their guests.

And it got them thinking. That never happened in hospitality venues with their commercial fridges.  Why couldn’t we do that at home?

It sparked an idea and VINCEL was born.

Over the years, Mark and Tim had seen how technology and manufacturing transformed the way white goods were manufactured.

It was time to make that available to you. A new appliance staple for everyday homes.

Because of their experience, we’re able to bring the same power and protection that commercial hospitality venues have enjoyed for years, into your home.

What was once an indulgence is now an everyday appliance.

Wine fridges are an affordable and accessible option for everyone. Bringing the best into your home, new kitchen design or home bar. 

Whether you’re simply looking for a better storage option or a serious wine lover, you’re bound to find one of our fridges to suit.

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