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How to care for your Wine Fridge

Show your fridge the love. Let it know how much you care. 

Give it a clean

Just like humans, wine fridges need a good wash every now and then. 

How to clean your wine fridge

Turn it off

Sounds like a no-brainer.  But electricity and water don’t mix. 
So, first things first. Make sure you turn off the power before you start getting all OCD on the fridge. 

Take everything out

Yep. Painful but necessary. Sometimes we need to make mess to clean up. So get everything out including the shelves and racks. 

Soapy Goodness for the inside

Grab a bucket of warm water, add detergent and get to wiping. 

But don’t go too nuts. It’s still an appliance after all. And it is powered by electricity. (Remember Point 1?)
Make sure you dry any excess water so it won’t damage your wine fridge. 

Put it all back
Oh the fun bit. Total satisfaction. You are a cleaning machine.  Feeling smug yet?
How sparkly and sleek does your wine fridge look now? High Five to you! 


Not convinced huh? 

I know your type. You’re looking for an out, a reason to not clean your fridge. 
Well don’t look at us.  

You need to clean out your fridge so it won’t get moldy, the wire shelves won’t get stuck, and the bonus – you’ll remember all the good wines you have to drink. 


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