Wine Bottles- keep your wine chilled

Wine storage basics

It's time to look after your wine

There’s nothing worse than opening an expensive bottle of wine and being hit with the pungent smell of vinegar. 

The horror. The waste.

You could have been enjoying that wine, instead your tipping it down the sink.

To avoid it happening again there are some wine storage basics you should know.

Wine Bottles- keep your wine chilled

Keep your wines chilled – even the reds

Storing your wine in a wine fridge or wine cabinet means you control the temperature.
It helps the wine to age at the optimal temperature suitable for drinking.  

Keep your wine at a consistent temperature

Wine keeps best when the temperature is kept consistent. 

The wine won’t have to keep up with changing conditions, reducing the chance of spoiling.


Avoid direct sunlight

Placing your wine in the direct sun could heat your wine, increasing the risk of spoiling.
It’s a good idea to keep your fridges in a shady spot too.
Direct sunlight causes your fridge doors to sweat and get all foggy, making it harder to regulate the temperature inside.

Store your wine lying flat

This has traditionally been to stop the cork from drying out and letting air into the wine.  But with more and more vineyards opting to use screw top lids now, it’s not a big of an issue. Now it’s more of a practicality. 

Store your wines in the order you want to drink them

If you know how long you want to cellar your wines it makes sense to pack them in the order you want to drink them.  (Also stops people grabbing the nearest bottle that you’ve been saving for a special occasion).

All the serious wine collectors are buying wine fridges these days because they are affordable, look good, and of course, keep their wines drinkable all year round.
If you’re interested in storing your wine, check out the VINCEL wine fridge range

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