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Wine temperature basics

Life’s too short to drink bad wine.

It’s important to pay attention to temperature if you plan on ageing your wine. Learn the basics so you can enjoy the perfect drop every time.

It’s all about temperature

Temperature affects the quality, flavour, and longevity of your wine.

Pretty important features of keeping your wine drinkable I’d say.

That’s why wine fridges have become more popular in recent years. It’s a way to keep the temperature stable all year round and set at the optimal temperature.

Optimal temperature range between 12 and 15 degrees.

According to James Halliday the ideal temperature to store your wine is up to a maximum of 15 degrees.

It allows wine to do its thing and age the way you’d expect.

Not surprising that it needs to be chilled. Think of the magical wine cellars around the world. Before refrigeration they were all underground – because it was the coolest place.

The ageing process is a chain reaction. 
According to scientists, the ageing process in wine is simply a series of chain reactions.  The temperature influences the positive or negative impact of those reactions.
Chemical reactions all have unique energy factors to be met for each individual reaction to happen.  If the temperature isn’t right, the chemical reactions in the wine won’t occur. Or, the chemical reactions will cause your wine to go off.

Too hot
If wine is stored in direct sunlight or in a hot area, the increase in temperature can result in a chemical reaction that can damage both the flavour and the quality of the wine.  Wine that has been damaged from heat will normally turn brown due to the oxidation.  And becomes undrinkable.

Too cold
Storing your wine too cold doesn’t ruin the taste, but it doesn’t do it any favours either.
It slows the ageing process, and can also prevent the wine from getting the chemical reactions it needs.

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